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A comprehensive Java 8 features course would cover a range of topics related to the enhancements and additions introduced in Java 8. Below is a suggested course outline:

Module 1: Introduction to Java 8 Features

  1. Overview of Java 8

    • Introduction to the major features and improvements.
  2. Lambda Expressions

    • Syntax and usage of lambda expressions.
    • Functional interfaces and the @FunctionalInterface annotation.
    • Using lambda expressions in collections.
  3. Functional Interfaces

    • Understanding the java.util.function package.
    • Common functional interfaces: Predicate, Function, Consumer, Supplier, etc.

Module 2: Stream API

  1. Introduction to Streams

    • Overview of the Stream API.
    • Characteristics of streams.
  2. Intermediate and Terminal Operations

    • Various intermediate operations: map, filter, flatMap, etc.
    • Terminal operations: forEach, collect, reduce, count, etc.
  3. Parallel Streams

    • Introduction to parallel streams.
    • Pros and cons of parallel streams.

Module 3: Default Methods

  1. Introduction to Default Methods

    • The need for default methods in interfaces.
    • Syntax and usage.
  2. Multiple Inheritance in Interfaces

    • Handling conflicts and resolution.

Module 4: Optional Class

  1. Introduction to Optional

    • Dealing with null values.
    • Creating and using Optional objects.
  2. Methods of the Optional Class

    • orElse, orElseGet, orElseThrow, etc.

Module 5: New Date and Time API

  1. Introduction to the Date and Time API

    • Problems with the old Date and Calendar classes.
    • Overview of the new java.time package.
  2. LocalDate, LocalTime, LocalDateTime

    • Working with date and time components.
  3. ZonedDateTime and Duration

    • Handling time zones and durations.

Module 6: Nashorn JavaScript Engine

  1. Introduction to Nashorn

    • Overview of the Nashorn JavaScript engine.
  2. Interoperability between Java and JavaScript

    • Calling Java code from JavaScript and vice versa.

Module 7: New Collectors

  1. Introduction to Collectors

    • Overview of the new collectors.
  2. Custom Collectors

    • Creating custom collectors.

Module 8: Other Miscellaneous Features

  1. Type Annotations and Repeating Annotations

    • Overview of the new annotations features.
  2. New IO (NIO.2)

    • Overview of the enhancements in the NIO package.

Module 9: Case Studies and Best Practices

  1. Best Practices for Java 8
    • Tips and tricks for effective use of Java 8 features.
    • Real-world case studies.

Module 10: Project Work

  1. Hands-on Project
    • Building a small project to apply Java 8 features in a practical scenario.

Additional Resources:

  • Assignments and Assessments
  • Q&A Sessions
  • Community Forums for Discussion

Note: The content and structure may vary based on the course duration, audience expertise, and the specific learning objectives of the course. Additionally, it is always a good idea to incorporate hands-on coding exercises and projects to reinforce the learning experience.

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