Apache Kafka interview questions

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Apache Kafka interview questions:

here are some Apache Kafka interview questions for experienced IT professionals:

  1. What is Apache Kafka, and what are its key components?

  2. Explain the role of brokers, producers, and consumers in Kafka.

  3. How does Kafka ensure high availability and fault tolerance?

  4. What is the significance of the replication factor in Kafka?

  5. Describe Kafka`s message retention policy and how it affects data durability.

  6. How does Kafka handle data partitioning, and why is it essential?

  7. Explain the concept of consumer offset in Kafka. How is it managed?

  8. What is the difference between Kafka and traditional message queues?

  9. How do you ensure that data is processed in order within a partition in Kafka?

  10. What is the use of the ZooKeeper service in Kafka? Is it still required in the latest Kafka versions?

  11. How do you handle data schema changes in Kafka?

  12. Explain the various message delivery semantics in Kafka: at-most-once, at-least-once, and exactly-once.

  13. How can you implement exactly-once processing in Kafka consumers?

  14. What are Kafka Connect and Kafka Streams? How are they different from each other?

  15. How do you ensure that Kafka consumers process messages at a consistent rate, preventing consumer lag?

  16. What is the role of the Schema Registry in Kafka when dealing with Avro or other schema-based data?

  17. Explain the use of partition reassignment in Kafka. When and why is it needed?

  18. How can you secure Kafka clusters and ensure data privacy?

  19. Describe the process of scaling Kafka clusters. What factors should be considered?

  20. How do you monitor Kafka performance and health? Which metrics do you track?

  21. Can you provide an example of using Kafka`s Java API for producing and consuming messages?

  22. How can you handle data retention and purging in Kafka for long-term storage?

  23. How does Kafka handle message serialization and deserialization?

  24. What are Kafka Producers Idempotent and Transactions, and when should you use them?

  25. Describe the process of upgrading a Kafka cluster to a newer version.

These questions cover various aspects of Apache Kafka, and the answers will demonstrate the candidate`s understanding of Kafka`s architecture, data durability, performance, and real-world implementation scenarios. For an experienced IT professional, it is crucial to showcase hands-on experience with Kafka, understanding its trade-offs, and how it fits into real-world data processing pipelines.

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