Scala object and class

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Scala object and class

·        Here is a simple class definition in Scala

class MyClassName{


        var s = new MyClassName () // Creating an object

·        Define a  Scala class constructor 

class Employee(var firstName: String, var lastName: String) {

    def printFullName() = println(s"$firstName $lastName")


Notice that there’s no need to create “get” and “set” methods to access the fields in the class.


Following example illustrates about Scala object and class

Save the file as −  Employee.scala. 


package runnerdev 

class Employee {

  var id: Int = 11 // All fields must be initialized

  var name: String = "Ram"


object ClassAndObject {

  def main(args: Array[String]) {

    var s = new Employee() // Creating an object

    println( + " " +


compile and run the above example as follows 

scala> scalac Employee.scala

scala> scala Employee


11 Ram


Following example illustrates about Scala class constructor    

class Point(var x: Int, var y: Int) { 

  def move(dx: Int, dy: Int): Unit = {

    x = x + dx

    y = y + dy


 override def toString: String =

    s"($x, $y)"


val point1 = new Point(2, 3)

println(point1.x)  // 2

println(point1)  // prints (2, 3)

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