Getting started with Jenkins

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Getting started with Jenkins

This guided tour introduces you to the basics of using Jenkins and its main feature, Jenkins Pipeline. This tour uses the "standalone" Jenkins distribution, which runs locally on your own machine.


For this tour, you will require:

  • A machine with:

    • 256 MB of RAM, although more than 2 GB is recommended

    • 10 GB of drive space (for Jenkins and your Docker image)

  • The following software installed:

    • Java 8 or 11 (either a JRE or Java Development Kit (JDK) is fine)

    • Docker (navigate to Get Docker site to access the Docker download that’s suitable for your platform)

Download and run Jenkins

  1. Download Jenkins.

  2. Open up a terminal in the download directory.

  3. Run java -jar jenkins.war --httpPort=8080.

  4. Browse to http://localhost:8080.

  5. Follow the instructions to complete the installation.

When the installation is complete, you can start putting Jenkins to work!

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