Java.util Package in Java

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Java.util Package in Java:

The java.util package in Java provides a collection of utility classes and interfaces that are commonly used in Java programs. It includes classes for data structures, date and time manipulation, random number generation, and more. Here are some important classes and interfaces from the java.util package:

  1. Collections Framework:

    • Collection: The root interface in the Java Collections Framework, which defines basic operations for working with collections of objects.
    • List: An interface that extends the Collection interface and represents an ordered collection that allows duplicate elements.
    • Set: An interface that extends the Collection interface and represents a collection that does not allow duplicate elements.
    • Map: An interface that represents a mapping between keys and values.

  2. Date and Time:

    • Date: A class that represents a specific instant in time, with millisecond precision. It has been largely replaced by the java.time package introduced in Java 8.
    • Calendar: A class for manipulating and working with dates, times, and time zones. It provides functionality for adding, subtracting, and formatting dates.

  3. Random Number Generation:

    • Random: A class that generates pseudorandom numbers of various types.
    • ThreadLocalRandom: A class that provides pseudorandom number generation for concurrent programs.
  4. Scanner:

    • Scanner: A class for parsing primitive types and strings from an input source, such as the console or a file.

  5. StringTokenizer:

    • StringTokenizer: A class that tokenizes a string into multiple tokens based on a set of delimiters.

  6. Timer:

    • Timer: A class that allows you to schedule and execute tasks at specified intervals.

  7. UUID:

    • UUID: A class that represents universally unique identifiers (UUIDs).

  8. Arrays:

    • Arrays: A class that provides various utility methods for manipulating arrays, such as sorting, searching, and copying.

  9. Comparator:

    • Comparator: An interface that defines a comparison function to compare objects for ordering.

These are just a few examples of the classes and interfaces available in the java.util package. Its a versatile package that provides many useful utilities for various programming tasks. You can refer to the Java API documentation for a complete list of classes and interfaces in the java.util package and their detailed descriptions.

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