What is Scala?

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What is Scala?

What is Scala?


Scala  is a general-purpose programming language providing support for both object-oriented programming and functional programming


Designed by : Martin Odersky (Nationality : German)


First appeared : 20 January 2004; 16 years ago


Developer : Programming Methods Laboratory of École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne


Stable release: 2.13.3 / 25 June 2020


Platform :

·        JVM

·        JavaScript (Scala.js)

·        LLVM (Scala Native) (experimental)

Typing discipline: Inferredstaticstrongstructural

License : Apache License 2.0

Filename extensions :  .scala, .sc



Scala is a general-purpose programming language principally targeting the Java Virtual Machine. Designed to express common programming patterns in a concise, elegant, and type-safe way, it fuses both imperative and functional programming styles. Its key features are: an advanced static type system with type inference; function types; pattern-matching; implicit parameters and conversions; operator overloading; full interoperability with Java; concurrency


Programming in Scala: Since the Scala is a lot similar to other widely used languages syntactically, it is easier to code and learn in Scala. Programs can be written in Scala in any of the widely used text editors like Notepad++, gedit etc. or on any of the text-editors. After writing the program, save the file with the extension .sc or .scala.

For Windows & Linux: Before installing the Scala on Windows or Linux, you must have Java Development Kit(JDK) 1.8 or greater installed on your system. Because Scala always runs on Java 1.8 or above.

Setting up and getting started with Scala


There are two main ways people prefer to work in Scala:

·        Using an IDE.

·        Using the command line.



 Download Scala IDE 

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