Java 10 features

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Java 10 features :

Java 10 introduced several new features and enhancements to the Java programming language and platform. Here are some notable features introduced in Java 10:

  1. Local-Variable Type Inference (var): Java 10 introduced local-variable type inference, allowing developers to declare local variables without explicitly specifying their types.

    var name = "John"; // Inferred as String var numbers = List.of(1, 2, 3); // Inferred as List<Integer>
  2. Application Class-Data Sharing: This feature enables the sharing of class metadata between different Java processes, reducing startup times and memory usage.

  3. Time-Based Release Versioning: Java 10 introduced a time-based release versioning scheme, where new Java versions are released every six months.

  4. Parallel Full GC for G1: Java 10 improved the Garbage-First (G1) garbage collector by enabling parallel full garbage collection to reduce application pause times.

  5. Consolidation of JDK Forest into a Single Repository: Java 10 started the process of consolidating the source code repositories of the OpenJDK projects into a single repository.

  6. Experimental JIT Compiler: Java 10 introduced an experimental Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler, Graal, which aims to improve performance and provide better support for modern hardware.

  7. Thread-Local Handshakes: This feature allows threads to execute code at thread-local handshakes, enabling better control over thread activities and coordination.

  8. Remove Native-Header Generation Tool (javah): The javah tool, used for generating C header files from Java classes, was removed in Java 10.

  9. Additional Unicode Language-Tag Extensions: Java 10 added support for additional Unicode extensions to the Locale class for more accurate language and region representation.

  10. Heap Allocation on Alternative Memory Devices: Java 10 introduced experimental features to allocate Java heap memory on alternative memory devices, such as non-volatile DIMMs.

  11. Experimental AOT (Ahead-of-Time) Compilation: Java 10 included experimental support for AOT compilation, allowing Java applications to be compiled to native code ahead of time.

  12. Thread-Local Random Number Generator: Java 10 introduced the ThreadLocalRandom class, providing a more efficient and secure way to generate random numbers in multi-threaded environments.

These are some of the key features introduced in Java 10. As always, its important to refer to the official Java documentation and resources for detailed information and guidance on using these features effectively.

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